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"An emissary of the Highfather, the Angel's holy sword smites all those who threaten the Empire."


Compared to the infernal knight and the skeleton champion, the angel's damage is 25 higher at the cost of a lower health pool (typical for Empire's units), making the angel an aggressive choice. Other equivalent would be the venerable warrior, who sits at the 115 damage which it pays for by lower initiative (which is typical for units from the Clans.

Angels and their stats as Damage Dealer`s Empire's squires path is leftovers from Disciples: Sacred Lands (D1), while Disciples 2 introduce new Damage Dealer path in Holy Avenger on Tier 5, while angel path stay as Tier 4 maximum. Making angel path as very specific choice. Other two path remain at old roles: Tank-defender Paladin›Defender of the Faith (Tier 5) and Mind immune ability-defender Inquisitor›Grand Inquisitor (Tier 4).