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"Under the Baroness' control the realm transforms into a fiery wasteland."


The Baroness is a flying leader, which makes her quite ideal for rod-plainting and destroying missions. Thanks to this ability, it is also hard to catch her with earth-bound parties. She has no attack value to talk about, instead she scares her enemies off-table. Though it looks appealing for the first sight, it has some serious issues. First, her initiative is quite low, whereas her meagre accuracy will make this attack quite unreliable. Second, her attacks are completely useless against an enemy with ward or immunity against mind-based attacks.

Moreover, if you scare one member of the party away, and the others win, they will share the XP for so many members, as they remained in the end of the battle. Thus, you'll likely to help them to level up faster.

Scaring away an opponent will deny you the opportunity to finish him/her there and now, requiring follow-up attacks. And the most important, if your enemy withdraws, you'll only get a fraction of the XP you could gather for eliminating the whole party.


Level Hit points XP next XP killed
1 100 120 50
2 110 420 55
3 120 720 60
4 130 1020 65
5 140 1320 70
6 150 1620 75
7 160 1920 80
8 170 2220 85
9 180 2520 90
10 190 2820 95
10+ +5 2820 +2