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A beneficial effect (buff) or a detrimental effect (debuff) are status effects that can effect units in battle. They can be either gained by visiting certain buildings on the world map, gained from spells or potions, or cast by units.

Disciples III: Renaissance[]

In Disciples III, buffs (and debuffs) are now categorized into different classes. Buffs of the same class cannot stack and it will be overwritten by a newer buff.

For example, the Armor Buff is an "Attacking" class buff and Strength Buff is also an "Attacking" class buff. These two status effects do not stack -- only the last one takes effect.

Attacking (battle) and Attacking Reducing (antibattle) Class[]

  • Strength Buff
  • Armor Buff from Spells
  • Intellect Buff
  • Dexterity Buff
  • Critical Hit Buff
  • All Stats Buff
  • Skill: Rage*
  • Skill: Extra Attack*
  • Skill: Acceleration*

Defensive (guardian) and Defensive Reducing Class (antiguardian)[]

  • Endurance Buff
  • Skill: Invulnerability*
  • Skill: Statue*

Town Defense Class (towndef)[]

  • Town Defense Buff

Regen Class (regen)[]

  • Regeneration Buff

Curse Class (antiregen)[]

  • Skill: Burning Shot*
  • Skill: Envenom*
  • Skill: Frost Shot*
  • Skill: Poison*
  • Skill: Poisonous Strike*

Stunned Class (stop)[]

  • Skill: Blind*
  • Skill: Stop
  • Skill: Freeze
  • Skill: Immobilize
  • Skill: Stone
  • Skill: Paralyze
  • Skill: Petrify

Magic Resistance (resists) and Susceptibility to Magic Class (antiresists)[]

  • Magic Resists Buff


  • To tweak of change these settings, you can change the files in the "Resources\Profiles\effects" folder. Make a backup before modifying these files.
  • Source: Kalypso Media forum post