Disciples II: Dark ProphecyEdit

This unit was called an Anti-Paladin .

Disciples III: RenaissanceEdit


Demons have mastered the souls of these once holy warriors; their virtuous past has long been forgotten.

English voice provided by voice actor Lucas Schuneman.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level13 Attack TypeMelee
ClassFighter Attack SourceWeapon
Movement Range4 TargetSingle
Endurance22 Attack Power252
Strength42 Health660
Intellect15 Cover0
Agility17 Initiative50
Dexterity42 Armor21
Magic Defense
Fire50% Mind10%
Earth50% Death10%
Water10% Air25%
Special Abilities

Every level a Dark Paladin gains 1 Endurance (30 hp) and 2 Dexterity (4 Attack Power).

Units in the Legions faction in Disciples III
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