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"Masters of infernal powers, the demonologist commands flames at will."

―Manual description

"Master of infernal powers, the demonologist commands flames at will"

―In-game description

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"The Demonologist creates a storm of Flames so powerful that no army can escape it."

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Having studied the Book of Darkness long enough, the sorcerer begins practicing, primarily specializing in the summoning of demons. He becomes the Demonologist, who give no quarter to his enemies.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level13 Attack TypeRanged
ClassMage Attack SourceFire
Movement Range4 TargetAll
Endurance20 Attack Power122
Strength7 Health600
Intellect49 Cover0
Agility13 Initiative20
Dexterity41 Armor4
Magic Defense
Fire20% Mind0%
Earth50% Death0%
Water5% Air30%
Special Abilities
Eagle Eye

Every level a Demonologist gains ?? Endurance (?? hp) and ?? Intellect.

Units in the Legions faction in Disciples III
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Sorcerer Demonologist Pandemonius Modeus
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Beast Tiamath
Special   Fiend  
Guardians Rift -> Flame -> Inferno • Capital: Ashkael