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Disciples: Liberation is a mature, dark fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based combat. It follows Avyanna as she liberates the land of Nevendaar while uncovering secrets, with her every decision being consequential.




  • Soldier (Temple, Tier 1)
  • Paladin (Temple, Tier 2)
  • Priestess (Temple, Tier 2)
  • Holy Avenger (Temple, Tier 3)

Elven Alliance[]

  • Shadow Caster (Stone Ring, Tier 1)
  • Arctic Dryad (Stone Ring, Tier 2)
  • Winter Witch (Stone Ring, Tier 3)

Undead Hordes[]

  • Zombie (Graveyard, Tier 1)
  • Skeleton Warrior (Graveyard, Tier 2)
  • Death Knight (Graveyard, Tier 3)
  • Bone Golem (Graveyard, Tier 3)

Legions of the Damned[]

  • Possessed (Heart of the Abyss, Tier 1)
  • Berserker (Heart of the Abyss, Tier 2)
  • Infernal Knight (Heart of the Abyss, Tier 3)

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