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"A Doppelganger has the unnatural ability to shape its form, thereby confusing his foe."


- The Shapeshift ability triggers before the unit's turn with a higher initiative than the doppelganger, as it counts as its extra turn. That is why, having turned, he immediately walks in this round. By pressing Protect on an extra turn, you simply skip it, and, having turned already on a normal turn, you do not go in this round. On an extra turn, the doppelgänger cannot retreat and stand in Wait, only Defend. On a normal turn, it is already possible to stand in Defense, Waiting and retreat. - The doppelganger will only melee if it can't shapeshift into anyone. - Doppelganger does not retain its bonuses when transforming, but copies all the properties of the copied unit - The doppelganger cannot transform into a large creature, another doppelganger before it transforms into a guardian of the capital. - Under the influence of a polymorph, a doppelganger that turned into another creature becomes an imp, but its health, armor and immunity will be the same as before it was transformed into another creature (health will decrease and protection will be removed only if it received damage in battle). Moreover, the level will be the first, so that it will not be possible to lower it by beings. When the polymorph wears off, the imp will once again become the original doppelganger and can transform back into a different creature. If another Doppelganger turns into such a Doppelganger Imp, it will become a normal Imp. Killing a transformed doppelganger gives experience as the original doppelganger, not the unit it was transformed into. When transforming into another target, the doppelganger does not use its unique name if you changed it, only the standard name of the unit.