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Few have any idea why the Book of Darkness is called so and what dark secrets its pages posses. Those who have such an idea, won't say much about it anyway; for when a Sorcerer becomes a Doppelganger, he won't give his secrets away.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level13 Attack TypeMelee
ClassFighter Attack SourceMind
Movement Range5 TargetSingle
Endurance16 Attack Power105
Strength10 Health480
Intellect35 Cover0
Agility40 Initiative50
Dexterity32 Armor5
Magic Defense
Fire25% Mind0%
Earth20% Death0%
Water5% Air25%
Special Abilities
Polymorph, Shadow Stalker

Every level a Doppelganger gains ?? Endurance (?? hp) and ?? Intellect.

Units in the Legions faction in Disciples III
Leaders DukeCounselor Archchancellor Thief • Campaign Hero: Haarhus
Fighters Possessed Berserker Anti-Paladin Infernal Knight  
Archers Gargoyle Marble Gargoyle Onyx Gargoyle  
Mages Cultist Witch Hag Succubus  
Sorcerer Demonologist Pandemonius Modeus
Support Devil Demon Moloch Demon Lord Abyssal Devil
Beast Tiamath
Special   Fiend  
Guardians Rift -> Flame -> Inferno • Capital: Ashkael