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Disciples III: Renaissance[]

A faithful servant of Bethrezen, Haarhus is ready to execute any of his masters orders. His soul is closed off; all feelings are reflected in hatred for everything around him.

Starting Stats[]

Includes the starting magic items.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level1 Attack TypeMelee
ClassFighter Attack SourceWeapon
Movement Range3 TargetSingle
Endurance20 Attack Power68
Strength17 Health700
Intellect10 Cover1
Agility11 Initiative40
Dexterity13 Armor16
Magic Defense
Fire20% Mind50%
Earth10% Death5%
Water0% Air5%
Special Abilities

Starting Magic Items[]

Tier 2 Magic Items[]


  • With each point of Endurance, Haarhus gains 35 hit points.
  • With each point of Strength, Haarhus gains 4 Attack Power.

Upon leveling and expending skill points, Haarhus can eventually gain the following combat abilities:

  • Wall
  • Push
  • Paralyze
  • Death Blow
  • Remove Wall
  • Slow
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