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"The fighters of the Gray Guild are merciless and elusive assassins. Their purpose is to correct the mistakes of justice. Lawful methods may fail, but a poisoned dagger never does. With Emperor's blessing, Assassins dispatch the agents of the enemy without exposing themselves or drawing unwanted attention."

Units in the Empire faction in Disciples III
Leaders Warrior PriestessRangerArchmageThief • Campaign Hero: Lambert
Fighters Squire Witch Hunter Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor  
Knight Imperial Knight Paladin Defender of the Faith
Holy Avenger
Archers Archer Marksman Imperial Assassin  
Mages Apprentice Battle Mage Elementalist  
Wizard White Wizard  
Healers Acolyte Cleric Matriarch Prophetess  
Priestess Imperial Priestess Hierophant  
Special   Titan  
Guardians Border Guardian -> Imperial Guardian -> Guardian of Light • Capital: Myzrael