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"The thief is an expendable unit that does not gain levels. Thieves are enrolled to execute various tasks and, if captured, execution will be prompt."

―Manual description

"The thief is an expendable unit that does not gain experience. Thieves are enrolled to execute various tasks and if captured, execution will be prompt"

―In-game description

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"Thieves are adept at mischief, and can sneak behind enemy lines to secure information important to the Empire's cause."

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A Thief is a master of deceit, mischief and trickery. One of the bravest warriors of the Empire, he walks in the darkness, bearing the light of faith in his heart - and there is no mystery, that can remain hidden from him.
  • Attack Type -Melee
  • Attack Source -Weapon
  • Target -Single
  • Movement Range-4 hexes

Lv1 Attributes[]

  • Health -325
  • Armor -12
  • Critical hit -0
  • Attack power -54
  • Initiative -50
  • Cover Points -0

Lv1 Stats[]

  • Endurance -13
  • Strenght -10
  • Intellect -8
  • Agility -18
  • Dexterity -17

Lv1 Magic Resistances[]

  • Fire -0%
  • Water -0%
  • Air -15%
  • Earth -5%
  • Mind -10%
  • Death -10%

Starting Equipment[]

Acquired Equipment[]

Active Abilities[]

(Must be learned, in order to use)

  • Poison - Poisons target for 3 turns, dealing 100 damage per turn.
  • Blindly Teleport - Caster is teleported to a random point on the battlefield .
  • Steal - Attempts to steal target. Global Skill
  • Envenom - Lowers all stats of enemy squad members by -5. Global Skill
  • Duel - Challenges Enemy squad leader to a duel. Global Skill


  • Gains 25 health for every point of Endurance.
  • Gains 2 of attack power for every point of Strength
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