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"Attached to Bethrezen's hellish throne, Tiamath is only released during Bethrezen's demented frenzies."

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Even the most ancient beasts submit to the will of Bethrezen, knowing that there is no greater power in all of Nevendaar. Petty strife is far beneath the Tiamath, who can only be summoned by the most powerful demonologists. It feels no hatred or rage - it simply kills anyone it encounters, anyone who would stand between it and its final return to the embrace of the Abyss.

Character Info in Disciples III
Base Level 30 Attack Type Melee
Class Fighter Attack Source Crushing
Movement Range 2 Target Area
Leadership 2
Endurance 15 Attack Power 141
Strength 11 Health 1543
Intellect Cover
Agility 7 Initiative 17
Dexterity 7 Armor
Interception 1 Accuracy 58
Evasion 30
Magic Defense
Fire 0% Mind 0%
Earth 0% Death 25%
Water 0% Air 0%
Piercing 0% Slashing -25%
Crushing 50%
Special Abilities
Area Strike (3), Giant, Devouring, Bloody Feast, Intimidation, Embodiment of Torment, Part of the Soul